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This Week In Cats

This week’s cat of the week is these kittens, who, at first you’re like, “Oh look – a couple of yawning kittens” but then it’s like “OMG THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM AND THEY ARE DOING SO MUCH MY HEART JUST EXPLODED.” It really builds in a good way, this thing.




Moving onto the news, Roxy has been told that she is “allowed on the barstool but not on the counter,” and she has an excellent grasp of jurisprudence and exactly what the law does and doesn’t allow, which is another way of saying that she is the world’s most adorable pedant.


Off the counter, cat.


Roxy is an example of a cat who tried so hard that she won the day, but the real heroes of this week are the inspiring cats who took the opposite path to the same result.

This week in Maru, MARU IS AT IT AGAIN! Is there seriously nothing this cat can’t do? And speaking of true inspirations, the story of Gotham the cat’s journey back to health is the best cat story of this week by a long shot.

This week in cats and wastepaper baskets, there’s this genius:


Get out of there.
Ask a dumb cat.


More pictures next week! 

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