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Remind 101 Gets a Great Update!

remind 101


Remind 101 is one of my favorite classroom tools. Essentially, Remind 101 allows me to send out one-way group texts to my parents and students.  I have been using it to send out homework and project reminders, as well as updates to exciting news in our classroom. It is a web-based application that also has a slick app for the iPhone and Android.  Students and parents register and they can receive a text, email, or both of reminders you send out.  Instead of logging on to a site, the messages you send out go directly to the devices everyone is already holding. Best of all, no messaging you back.  The texts are one-way.

Today, Remind 101 received a great update — Attach.  Attach allows you to attach photos to your messages. If you need to send a picture of a white board, a book, or an awesome project you can now attach it.  This feature was missing until today.  (I actually used DropBox to upload a picture and create a html link to include.  Now I don’t need those extra steps.)

If you are looking for a great way to message all of your student at once and avoid lots of hassles, Remind 101 is awesome and free.  The new Attach upgrade just makes it even better.


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