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Physical Therapist (PT)

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    Physical Therapist
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Qualification Requirements

All Temporary/Relief Physical Therapists assigned to CDCR must have the minimum experience outlined


  • 1. Twelve (12) continuous months of experience within the last three (3) years performing services
  • similar in scope to those defined herein in a public or private institution.
  • 2. Possess and maintain while performing services for the CDCR a current and valid license issued by
  • the Physical Therapy Board of California to practice Physical Therapy in the State of California including
  • adherence to all laws and regulations governing the practice of physical therapy in California.
  • 3. Education Required: Graduation from an approved Physical Therapy program accredited by the
  • Committee on Accreditation for Physical Therapy or its predecessor, the Joint Review Committee for
  • Physical Therapy Education.
  • 4. Temporary/Relief Physical Therapists must maintain current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and
  • Possess current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification from an American Heart Association Provider or
  • American Red Cross (with AED).
  • 5. Each Temporary/Relief Physical Therapists shall be in compliance with 8 CCR 5199 standards for
  • both current N95 and Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) medical clearance and annual general
  • respiratory protection training which is to include a request to repeat PLHCP clearance if they develop 1)
  • marked immunocomprompromise or pregnancy which might require great respiratory protection than
  • N95s provide or 2) a health condition which might limit N95 or PAPR use and completion of the annual 8
  • CCR 5199 Appendix G questionnaire.
  • 6. Any Temporary/Relief Physical Therapist providing services through this Agreement must be
  • proficient in the English language and be able to communicate effectively with the CDCR/CCHCS. All
  • Temporary/Relief Physical Therapists must be able to speak, understand oral and written communication
  • and write effectively in the English language. Any Temporary/Relief Physical Therapists who fails to meet
  • the minimum qualifications shall not be permitted to perform services.

Service Delivery Requirements

  • Under the direction of the Institution CEO/CME or designee, the Temporary/Relief Physical
  • Therapist duties/responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:
  • a. Perform care consistent with the scope of licensure and in accordance with the
  • CDCR Institution/Facilities policies and procedures and consistent with generally
  • accepted evidence based Physical Therapy practices. Care provided must be
  • sufficiently complex and consistent with the unique skills of a physical therapist;
  • b. Provide Physical Therapy and evaluations on an "as needed" basis on
  • CDCR patient/youth as pre-scheduled by designated Institution/Facility CEO/CME
  • or designee;

Job Description Physical Therapist - MRN

  • c. Provide Physical Therapy services to patient/youth upon physician referral and
  • order, or upon direct access to the Physical Therapy services in cases where the
  • patient/youth is seeking Physical Therapy for an existing and documented
  • diagnosis;
  • d. Provide an initial assessment/evaluation on each referral and develop a
  • treatment plan consistent with those findings and be responsible for
  • communicating the treatment plan to the patient/youth and any relevant medical
  • personnel;
  • e. Reports or assessments/evaluations and progress notes shall be completed
  • utilizing CDCR approved documentation forms in the patient's chart and/or
  • outpatient health record;
  • f. Vendor Worker shall be available for telephone consultation while on duty at the
  • Institution/Facility;
  • g. Maintain all charting on a daily basis. Any chart remaining delinquent for more than ten
  • (10) days could result intermination of the Vendor Worker.

Please call 855-561-1715 or email for immediate consideration. 

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