Refer a friend for nursing jobs

Help a friend find their dream job too!

Healthcare professionals are in high demand. Cell Staff delivers a better experience than others. And now you can share that experience with friends and get paid.

Referring a friend means you’re helping healthcare needs get met. You’re connecting that friend with a great job and meaningful living. You’re helping connect a bustling community of healthcare professionals. And you get paid.


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Here’s how it works:

1. Briefly describe eligibility for the referral source. Do they need to work or be affiliated with Cell Staff in some way.

There’s room here for more specific eligibility requirements, like does the person need to work for Cell Staff as a nurse or have worked in the past? If they don’t currently work for Cell Staff, how will they be paid?

2. Define eligibility for the friend they’re going to refer. They must be new to Cell Staff or not worked there in 90 days.

3. Instruct them to make intro, that recruiter will contact them. When they’ll get updates on progress.

Copy-paste this message into your intro between referral and recruiter. Insert brief, easy to customize message here.

4. Earn $1 for every hour your referral works during their first 26 weeks of employment.

List out any logistical or legal specifications here. Keep it simple and straightforward, but clear and complete. If the referral source doesn’t need to work with Cell Staff, then how will you pay them? How will they track progress or be informed of payment?

5. Highlight that there’s no limit to number of referrals you can make.