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Twenty Invaluable Tweets on Leadership

Leadership Tweets

Decide for yourself which of these rings the most true for you, and share your leadership tweets in the comments below and I’ll share them in return.

Here you go: 

Your title makes you a manager, your people will decide if you’re a leader  –  @IntuitBrad

Great leaders prepare during the good times, reassure through the bad times, and inspire teams to win at all times  – @Wernikoff

Go big or go home; One for all and all for one  –  @sasan_goodarzi

Great leadership comes from the right mix of heart & mind…neither is good enough on its own to earn both trust and respect  –  @eileen1651

Good leaders drive, amazing leaders inspire  –  @tsitovich

Data and experimentation empowers teams by shifting the conversation from “I think” to “I know”  – @chapo

Teams are reflections of their leaders; Passion for customers, attention to quality & integrity starts with you   –  @acce

True leadership is from the heart and if your heart points to the people you lead, great things will happen  –  @alonshwartz

An all-star team beats a team of all stars every time  –  @rlanesey

The best leaders make you believe you can achieve anything, and coach you to make it happen  –  @divinecassie

Always hire people smarter than yourself or you aren’t doing your job as a leader  –  @BarbGS10

Great leaders know when to lead from the front and when to get the hell out of the way  –  @jmillsays

Leaders think complexly; but communicate simply…if they can’t remember it, it can’t be executed  –  @jim_mcginnis

Leadership is making the sum bigger than individual pieces; touching hearts & minds to achieve more than ever thought possible   –  @jensenrickw

Good leaders learn by doing, great leaders learn by listening   –  @cfdonahue

You know a great leader when everyone on their team acts like one  –  @IntuitVijay

Leadership is making the team the hero   –  @hughmolotsi

Inspire a bold vision, listen actively, then empower your team by getting out of their way  –  @ozdane

Leaders don’t bring out greatness; they recognize it & create the environment where people can do the best work of their lives  –  @IntuitBrad

People prefer their leaders with flaws, because it makes leadership attainable for the rest of us  –  @IntuitBrad


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